• Creative Thinking Is Changing the World and Saving Businesses

Creative Thinking Is Changing the World and Saving Businesses

Creative thinking is having a moment and it’s proving to be the distinguishing characteristic that will ensure a business’s viability when COVID-19 passes.

By now, we’ve seen the countless posts and eblasts about the importance of communication during this time of worldwide crisis. Everyone began working from home and in a matter of days, the way we all conducted business was forever changed. Zoom became a household name overnight. And when historians write about this pandemic in the future, the critical role that communication did — and in some cases didn’t — play, and how it affected our response to this crisis, will be prominently dissected and highlighted.

Amidst the chaos has arisen a fiercely creative human spirit. Businesses that are adjusting the way they conduct business, and finding innovative ways to meet their audience’s needs, are the ones that will thrive when we are able to safely emerge and publicly reunite.

To think that we will ever go back to business as usual is shortsighted. And after what I’ve observed over the past two weeks, it would also be a shame. We are seeing the best from people and businesses alike. And if the definition of character is how a person or business reacts in the face of a crisis, then our futures are bright and the best is yet to come.

So let’s be creative together. It’s how societies have evolved all throughout time. This is what we were born to do. And it’s what we’ve delivered to our clients each and every day for 37 years.

The solution will be different for each of us. And we all have talents we can share during this pandemic. For this reason, and in celebration of our 37th Anniversary, Evergreen & Co is proud to offer complimentary 60-minute phone (or Zoom!) consultations to help you discover your business’s unique, creative path forward.

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