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A few of the 2,000+ attendees during a break at the 2016 conference.

North American Ornithological Conference 2016

naoc logoHere’s a challenge: the client, comprised of eight professional societies, was planning an international educational conference and wanted to – insisted on – hitting every superlative imaginable.

The North American Ornithological Conference occurs once every four years, and it needed to be attended by the greatest number of people from the most countries, and with more abstract submissions, tracks, and educational sessions than ever before. And not just people, but students especially, because they were paramount to the clients’ definition of success and the vitality of the future of the field. So record-setting participation from professionals and students alike was a necessity.

And did we mention, we had to build a website, a mobile app, an online registration and abstract submission system, solicit sponsors and exhibitors, and attend to a thousand other meeting management details? All with the end goal of delivering an unforgettable onsite attendee experience, and generating unprecedented social media buzz.

The result: in every aspect and by every measure, the conference exceeded all previous conferences, and most importantly, the attendees and organizers’ highest goals. The conference is now officially recognized as the largest ornithological conference of all time.

"…you killed it with the NAOC. I so appreciate your commitment and devotion to excellence on this project. All 2,060 people thought this was the BEST conference they have ever attended."

– Peter Marra
Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center
Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
Chair, NAOC 2016

Naoc Entrance
Attendees outside of the Exhibit Hall
Morning plenary session digital presentation materials
Self check-in iPad kiosks eliminated lines and provided attendees the opportunity to customize their name badges before printing
Pictured left to right: NASA astronaut and guest plenary speaker Jessica Meir, and NAOC Chair, Pete Marra
NAOC 2016 mobile app
Recognition signage inside the Exhibit Hall
Keepsake mason jars from the Night at the Zoo banquet
Naoc Print
Branding was consistent throughout the entire event, from pre-conference marketing collateral to onsite signage
Naoc Badge
Customized name badges printed on-demand at the self check-in iPad kiosks
Naoc Program
The onsite program was printed in limited quantities and supplemented the mobile app
Naoc Shirts
Volunteers played an invaluable role at NAOC 2016 and supported every aspect of the conference
Naoc Skorton
Each day began with a guest plenary speaker
Naoc Bird
Sponsor U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services brought wildlife to the attendees in the Exhibit Hall
Naoc Merch
Merchandise was available for purchase online during registration and was picked up onsite by the attendees
Naoc Band1
Attendees jammed out at the Bird Jam and Poetry Slam
Naoc Band2
Attendees jammed out at the Bird Jam and Poetry Slam